When companies with roughly equal resources — human, financial and otherwise — have to compete for market leadership, what becomes a predictor of success? In almost every instance that will boil down to which of the organizations better converts strategy into action. Which of them is consistently flawless in its execution?


The Flawless Execution Workshop is the flagship workshop of NAKACHI Consulting. Our passion for execution comes through in this full—day Workshop customized to the needs of our individual clients.


The Workshop begins well before the actual event as NAKACHI Facilitators are embedded to witness the clients operations from the inside. We believe that without experiencing a company’s culture and values, we cannot possibly develop a workshop that will focus adequately on the immediate improvement of its operations.


Workshop Timeline

Session 1: Compelling Vision/Commanding Mission

  • Learn how to design an acceptable future for your organization.
  • Learn how to articulate the vision in a way that generates energy throughout the organization.

Session 2: The 7-S Corporate Alignment System

  • Learn how to diagnose and strengthen your organization using the 7-S system.
  • Use ALDO to identify areas where you can dominate the competition.

Session 3: Communicate your competencies as a brand category

  • Understand why perception is everything.
  • Learn how to become the master of your universe.
  • Learn how to influence your customer experience.
  • Learn how to work with your customer as part of your focus group.

Session 4: Hardwiring your Management Operating Structure

  • Understand the basic Management operating structures
  • Learn how to make your management structure enhance your competitive advantage.



Session 5: Best Practices

  • Roundtable discussion on implementing the Competitive Advantage techniques in your organization.


Program Requirements

  • Client will be responsible to hold a 60 minute conference call with the NAKACHI Leadership Team.
  • Television or projection system capable of accepting a PC laptop connection.
  • An easel with paper, markers and masking tape for each group of 15 participants.
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