Well intentioned managers and their teams fail to execute everyday because of poor planning skills and common misconceptions. The NAKACHI Corporate Planning Workshop will give your team concepts and skills that will immediately improve execution in any environment.

In high-performing organizations, Planning is not an attempt to predict the future, but rather a tool to help us respond to an uncertain future with Speed, discipline, and flexibility. Good planning should:

  • Offer us a disciplined framework for approaching complex problems.
  • Increase our team’s collective situational awareness, improving decision making during execution.
  • Create buy-in among the team and improve individual initiative.
  • Allow us to anticipate a variety of possible outcomes. So we can execute timely contingency plans.

The NAKACHI Corporate Planning Workshop takes corporate teams through these fundamental Concepts and puts them into practice using the Six Steps to Combat mission planning as used in the United States Airforce. Our Workshop begins with a brief presentation on mission planning doctrine, followed by a hands-on planning session. Working on an actual corporate objective(s), each planning team will brainstorm and collaborate to create a Corporate Mission Plan.

During the entire process, our facilitators will be guiding, critiquing and questioning each teams plan. Your team will leave this workshop with a concise, executable Corporate Mission Plan with specific timelines, responsibilities, and contingencies ready to be briefed and executed.

Program Requirements:

  • Client will be responsible to hold a 60 minute conference call with the NAKACHI Leadership Team.
  • A clear company objective(s) must be submitted for review by the NAKACHI Leadership Team two weeks prior to the event. These objectives must be clear, measurable, achievable, and support the overall mission of the organization.
  • Television or projection system capable of accepting a PC laptop connection.
  • An easel with paper, markers and masking tape for each group of 15 participants.
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