Middle to top management is usually held responsible for results but they are never given the ongoing skills training needed to help them deliver superior performance in the carrying out of their duties. Their budgets are never taken seriously and they almost always have to fire non-performing staff.

The NAKACHI team focuses on training participants on the key issues that ensure superior performance.

The Workshop begins well before the actual event as NAKACHI Facilitators are embedded to witness the clients operations from the inside. We believe that without experiencing a company’s culture and values, we cannot possibly develop a workshop that will focus adequately on the immediate improvement of its operations.

During this full-day seminar NAKACHI Consulting facilitators offer the best compilation of Management Techniques taught anywhere. Participants are taught how to apply tested ideas and principles in a way that galvanizes their team around the company’s mission statement and well-established departmental goals.

Workshop Timeline:

Session 1: Articulating a Shared Vision and Focusing the Team on a Shared Future

  • Analyze and recalibrate the organizations Vision and Mission statements.
  • Learn how to communicate the vision and mission statement throughout the organization.
  • Learn how to articulate the values that drive group and individual behavior.

Session 3: Corporate Realignment and the Human Resource Function

  • Group participation in the Corporate Positioning exercise.
  • Learn the precise steps to achieve a committed organization.
  • Learn how to motivate teams and foster an atmosphere of collaboration between departments.

Session 4: Effective Time and Meeting Management Strategies

  • Learn the time management techniques used by some of the world’s most effective executives.
  • Learn how to turn meetings into powerful opportunities to achieve and exceed mission objectives.

Session 5: Building, Deploying, and Managing Effective Teams

  • Learn the core difference between teams and gangs.
  • Learn the must-have components of effective teams.
  • Learn how to select team members and team leaders.
  • Learn how to organize teams around specific corporate objectives.
  • Learn how to handle conflicts amongst team members in a way that motivates the team.
  • Understand the issues that de-motivate teams and avoid them.
  • Learn how to disband ad hoc teams in a way that makes them eager for further assignments.

Session 6: Best Practices

  • Round table discussion on implementing Operational Excellence techniques in your organization.


Program Requirements:

  • Client will be responsible to hold a 60 minute conference call with the NAKACHI Leadership Team.
  • Television or projection system capable of accepting a PC laptop connection.
  • An easel with paper, markers and masking tape for each group of 15 participants.
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