The concept of market share, as much as it has helped companies better deploy their marketing budget to reach specified target audiences, has failed to secure market leadership for any extended period of time.

Forward-looking executives know that their company must achieve competitive advantage to be around for any length of time in a rapidly changing business environment.
The secret to achieving competitive advantage has been to achieve more mind-share than market-share.

How does your organization plan to achieve this in your chosen industry?

Using case studies and then focusing on specifics in the client organization, the NAKACHI Consulting Leadership Team will teach you how to focus on defining markets based on existing core competencies.

We then teach you how to use the TASK system to hire people in a way that sustains the core competencies of your organization.

The Workshop begins well before the actual event as NAKACHI Facilitators are embedded to witness the Client’s operations from the inside. We believe that without experiencing a company’s culture and values, we cannot possibly develop a workshop that will focus adequately on the immediate improvement of its operations.

Workshop Timeline:
Restructuring; Re-engineering Processes; Re-inventing the future!

Program Requirements:
• Client will be responsible to hold a 60 minute conference call with the NAKACHI Leadership Team.
• Television or projection system capable of accepting a PC laptop connection.
• An easel with paper, markers and masking tape for each group of 15 participants.

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