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  • Our discovery process allows us to provide a customized course to fit your needs.
  • Whether you want a two-day or ten-day training, we work with you to deliver results.
  • There is also an option to deliver the course on-site at any chosen location.

Our courses cover everything needed
to build next generation companies and its leadership


Top Management is responsible to ensure the efficient operations of every organisation. Using a hands-on approach that incorporates proven advances in Neuroscience made over the last decade, Top Management is given the tools to turn their organisation into one that consistently delivers exponential growth.


By understanding the programmed role between Leaders and Managers as well as the spontaneous interaction between Leaders and Staff, our Next-Generation Leadership Training Module delivers proven tools into workplace leadership.


By mastering our approach to Operational Excellence, clients learn how to ensure internal alignment that removes the friction, while maintaining a perfect view of the changes in the environment that ensure continued dominance through incremental strategic shifting.


Often the challenge is not with knowing the strategic direction needed to help an organisation achieve well-articulated goals, but rather ensuring its implementation. Organisations that develop High-Impact Teams along the lines taught in our highly interactive approach can achieve a quantum increase in results with the resources that are currently available to them.


The challenge has been that the process of Business Process Re-engineering can be very disruptive and very expensive, and most Leaders do not have the courage to give it a try. Our Training facilitation allows us to guide clients through a BPR process under controlled circumstances so that we can test the convulsions to the system against expected benefits.


We work with your organisation to ensure clarity in the expected outcomes, review your operating systems, test and recalibrate your Key Performance Indicators, and train relevant officers on how to manage their time, engagement, and resources to best enable your organisation achieve its strategic objectives.


When clients have a zero-margin-for error objectives that have to be achieved without excuses, we take them away and work closely with them to develop a practical play-by-play handbook known as the Prometheus Process that is guaranteed to achieve results.


Using our proprietary system, you will notice how easy people accept responsibility and stay motivated when outcomes are well established. Our systems allow you to develop the M&E Framework unique to developing the Performance Indicators you need to drive superior performance.


This Training Facilitation allows both Leadership and Top Management to own responsibility for the results of the organisation. It involves understanding how principles, processes, and humans interact to achieve established results, and to appreciate the cybernetic relationship needed between the ‘frontline’ in every endeavor and the ‘brain’ that chooses that outcome.

What people are saying

A selection of success stories showing Nakachi's impact
on businesses across the country.

The presentation addressed issues that hinder the full implementation of an organization’s strategy/plan or realization of its mandate. It was illuminating, particularly the process and elements considered in developing and implementing an organizational impact plan.

Dr Emeka Agbasi

Director, PPP Multilateral & Special Duties FERMA HQ

NAKACHI facilitated our creation of a short-term Impact Plan starting from 2013, working with first-eleven Management Team. The result was the first place in service delivery assessment among all the Parastatals in the Aviation Sector.

Engr Nnamdi Udoh

Former Managing Director, Nigerian Airspace Management Agency

NAKACHI Consulting helped us develop a detailed Impact Plan for converting our 10-Year Capital Market Masterplan into actionable steps we could all agree on.

Mary Uduk

Acting Director General, Securities & Exchange Commission

Dr Ikoku is a true patriot and you could feel it with the passion and discipline with which he facilitated our top management team. NAKACHI Consulting covered all-important strategic issues and helped get us on our way.

Dr Paul Orhii

Former DG of NAFDAC

When we had to train over 700 staff of the Ministry on the different pillars identified for our transformation, we procured the service of NAKACHI Consulting. They delivered!

Dr Ochi Achinivu

Former Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Finance

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